An all new Booked is coming...

When the first version of Booked was released, it pushed the boundaries of what a booking system could be. Focused on a simple & intuitive interface, where design and usability were key features of the plugin. However, it’s definitely been time for Booked to get a major update.

What is coming to the new Booked?

A whole bunch, that’s what. The focus on design and usability stays the same, but literally everything else is new, from codebase to design. Here’s a small taste of some of the features:

“Calendars” are now called “Services”
Every individual service has it’s own unique settings and attributes along with time slots, custom fields, etc. You can now customize each of these on a per-service level:

  • Registered/Guest Bookings
  • Booking Limits
  • Booking/Cancellation Buffers
  • Redirects
  • Schedule/Custom Schedule
  • Custom Fields
  • Email Content
  • And more…
“Appointments” are now called “Bookings”
This just made sense, not all bookings are “appointments”. There’s also a brand new list style interface for managing your bookings. You can filter by service, pending, upcoming, completed, etc.

Customers have their own screen
When someone books an appointment, registered or guest, they become a customer. Registered customers are attached to WordPress users of course, but now ALL of your customers will be in a centralized location.

And so much more:

  • Group bookings
  • Global date disabling
  • File uploads
  • Time slot overrides
  • A-la-cart bookings
  • Date-based bookings
  • Ranged bookings
  • and more…

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