The next version of Booked is coming...

When the first version of Booked was launched, it pushed the boundaries of what a booking system should be. It kept things simple & intuitive where design and usability were key features of the plugin. However, it’s been time for Booked to get an update.

Why a brand new plugin?

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from Booked customers and what features they would like to see. My goal will always be to keep Booked simple, but there are indeed missing features that just need to be included with any modern booking plugin. So with that in mind, I’ve been working on completely rewriting Booked from the ground up. Here’s what I’m focused on:

Built for Services
The first version of Booked was built to handle single appointment time slots. The new Booked will be based on services. This will allow for features like flexible schedules, group bookings, multi-day bookings, and so much more.

Design & Usability
As with the very first version, Booked will continue to follow in this path. From the clean front-end calendar, the popup booking form and backend management. Things will still look and work great.

Development Flexibility
Booked needs to be very extendable and future proof so that I can continue adding features without creating bloat.

Better Payments
Right now, Booked is dependent on WooCommerce being installed to accept payments for bookings. It’s a messy connection and I’ve never been happy with it. Payments will be part of the core Booked plugin, starting with Stripe and Paypal.


What if I’m already using Booked?

I want this to be a smooth transition! Instead of trying to work with the current state of Booked and fit it into the new version, my goal will be to build the new plugin as it should be built, and then include a migration assistant to help with the transition. I’m not quite sure yet if this new version will be a free update or an entirely new plugin with a new price. Either way, current Booked customers will get a big discount when the new version is released.

Stay tuned for more information!
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