There are a number of shortcodes included to display specific content anywhere on your website. Keep in mind that the most up to date documentation is always here: Booked Documentation

Booked Calendar:

The [booked-calendar] shortcode displays the booking calendar (or single day) for your users to book appointments.



This attribute let’s you choose between the default calendar view or a single day “list” view.
Example: [booked-calendar style="list"]

Year, Month, and/or Day:

Use these attributes to display a specific “year” and/or “month”. You can also add a “day” attribute when using the “list” style (see above).
Example: [booked-calendar year="2016" month="3" day="15"]


Use the “calendar” attribute to display a specific calendar (if you have any created). Otherwise, Booked will simply display the default calendar. You must use the Calendar’s ID (you can find specific calendar shortcodes on the Settings screen.
Example: [booked-calendar calendar="2"]


This attribute let’s you change the size from the default full size to the “small” size if needed. This is good for calendars that are displayed in narrow areas.
Example: [booked-calendar size="small"]

Members Only:

This attribute will hide the appointment calendar from non-logged-in users. This is great to use in conjunction with the Profile shortcode (below) to display a login form on a page, and then when the user logs in it will show them the profile page as well as a booking calendar.
Example: [booked-calendar members-only="true"]

Booked Profile:

Use this shortcode on the page you’re using for the profile view. This only works with “Registered Booking”.


Booked Login Form:

By default, this login form will show up in the profile shortcode for non-logged-in users. However, if you want to display the login form somewhere else, you can use this shortcode to display it.


Booked Appointments:

If the need arises, you can use this shortcode to display the currently logged in user’s upcoming appointments in a simple list view. This will only show upcoming appointments and nothing else. Good for sidebar widgets, etc.